Men come to me to explore...

  • Tantric and Taoist practices

  • Edging (extended orgasmic building)

  • Gaining more control over ejaculation

  • Prostate (male g-spot) massage

  • Using breath to expand erotic energy  

  • Examining obstacles to erotic enjoyment 

  • Increasing sexual confidence

  • Empowered boundaries and communication

  • Becoming a better lover

  • Exploring the connection of sex and spirit

  • Heightened states of pleasure and erotic fulfillment​​​

Bodywork Sessions For Men

Imagine a new way of experiencing your erotic energy.  One that charges your entire body, allows you to last for hours and takes you to new heights of pleasure..  


Single Sessions

Discover an initiation into Tantra massage with an intro session.  In this session we will explore the foundations of sensual touch, tease, breathwork, bodyslide and erotic energy circulation.  Experience how you can expand and prolong your pleasure beyond what you previously thought possible.  

     60 min Session ~ $170

     90 min session ~ $240

     2 hr session ~ $300


Expand your erotic energy, cultivate greater body awareness, build incredible orgasmic control, explore Tantra and Taoist techniques and become a masterful lover.  Mentorship is a vital part of learning quickly and exploring new heights of understanding.  With these packages I will help you give you the tools to enter the next level!


Over the course of our time together you will learn how to:

  • Master your ejaculation to last for hours 

  • Circulate your erotic energy for maximum pleasure and multiple orgasms

  • Make a woman melt with your presence through intense polarity

  • Effectively communicate your desires 

  • Pleasure a woman and understand the 5+ different types of female orgasm

  • Negotiate hidden fantasies to explore healthy domination and surrender

You will also receive:

  • Next level Tantra massage sessions

  • Explorations into Tantric & Taoist practices

  • The incredible magic of prostate massage (optional) 

  • Experienced mentorship and guidance for your erotic life 

     Package Price: 6 - 2 hr sessions - $1800


Payment Plans are available.  Schedule a free 20 minute exploration call with me to ask questions and find out the best offering for you.

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