Bondage Massage Sessions

Explore the magic of surrender and bold sensation under my skilled guidance

Discover the place where sensuality meets with bold sensation through bondage-style massage sessions.  In my experience BDSM massage is a gateway to deeper embodiment and trust.  The sensations are incredible, creating a kind of trance that is both erotic, exciting and calming. 


Whether you are looking to explore more bold sensation, explore your taste for kink or experience deeper surrender - I create a container for both the novice and seasoned explorer.   

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Some things we can explore..

  • Bondage Style Massage

  • Embodied Sensation Play

  • Restraint, Sensory Deprivation

  • Tease and Denial

  • Prostate Massage

  • Negotiating hidden desires

  • Learning the language of BSDM

  • Cultivating more kink positive relationships

Dark Tantra Bondage Massage Experience 

     90 min ~ $320

     2 hrs ~ $ 400