• Tantric and Taoist practices

  • Edging (extended orgasmic building)

  • Gaining more control over ejaculation

  • Prostate (male g-spot) massage

  • Using breath to expand erotic energy  

  • Examining obstacles to erotic enjoyment 

  • Increasing sexual confidence

  • Empowered boundaries and communication

  • Becoming a better lover

  • Exploring the connection of sex and spirit

  • Heightened states of pleasure and erotic fulfillment​​​

Some Things We Can Explore...

Bodywork Sessions For Men

Taking from the rich traditions of holistic bodywork as well as Taoist and Tantric practices, I invite you to slow down, relax, and fully enjoy the moment.


You'll sink into my touch with  heavenly full body strokes designed to both relax and fully engage the senses.   I’ll encourage you to breathe deeply and release any tension that you’ve been holding on to during your day.  I relish in waking up every aspect of your sensual palette, guiding you to new heights of relaxation and bliss.  


Single Sessions

     1 hr session ~ $180

     90 min session ~ $240

     2 hr session ~ $300


Over a serious of sessions we can dive more deeply into subjects like cultivating greater body awareness, building more orgasmic control, or exploring the possibilities of Tantra or Taoist bodywork.  In my experience this is the best way to get the maximum benefits! Each package includes 30 minutes for goal setting.    

      1 hour

      5 sessions - $750


     1.5 hours

     5 sessions - $1100

     2 hours 

     5 sessions - $1400

*All packages are valid for 6 months after date of purchase

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