Tantra Bodywork Sessions 


My downtown studio is a private oasis in the middle of the busy city.  From here you are invited on a journey to explore sensation and pleasure in new and unexpected ways.


People come to me to explore the power of touch, to write new erotic scripts, celebrate pleasure and to become more empowered with asking for what they want.  Others come to understand how they can fulfill their erotic potential, unwrap unacknowledged desires, or experience a container of deep presence.  Many report that after just a few sessions they feel more relaxed, joyful and connected in their daily lives.  

Sessions are based on one way touch.  This allows you to fully dive into the pleasure of receiving.  By focusing on your own body and sensation we create a rare opportunity to connect to your eros in a new way.  It is a truly, deeply, delicious gift to receive without expectation.  

During sessions you will be invited to breathe, make sound and explore different ways to get connected to the senses.  These tools are designed to get one out of the head and into the body.  It's incredible what magic can happen from this place.    


It is my honour to be with you on this journey and I celebrate whatever comes up in our time together.  Doing deep erotic work can bring up laughter, tears and exclamations of pleasure.  All of you is welcome.  


Tantra is about letting go of habitual scripts and embracing the pleasure of the moment.  I look forward to connecting and exploring this space with you,  

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