Healing Through Intimacy

I first began practicing bodywork almost 10 years ago in Vancouver, BC.  Since then I have helped many people of all different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds explore personal transformation through touch.  I am deeply passionate about erotic empowerment and joyful, pleasure-positive living. 

I've always been sensual, curious and deeply intuitive.  People often describe we as warm and magnetic.  Many have shared that they love the richness of my voice, I think this comes from my background in singing and embodiment work.  


In 2017 I travelled to Hawaii study Tantra and had the pleasure of learning under world renowned Tantra teacher Margot Anand.  In Hawaii I received my Tantra initiation as a Conscious Sensuality Practitioner.  In addition I am a certified  Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Educator through the Somatic Sex Educators Alliance.  I feel honoured to have of travelled all over the world to study with many inspiring educators and embodied sexuality teachers. 

I'm committed to healthy living and creative expression.  I do yoga, dance and spend much of my free time in nature.  I'm a lover of the the arts and encourage everyone to find their own voice and outlet. 

When I'm not hosting sessions I can be found in my forest home on the outskirts of Victoria .  Recharging in the lush paradise of BC's wild coast allows me to bring my most blissful and authentic self to the table.

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