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''Taking (The Deep Dive) sex coaching has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. My partner and I reached out to Devi with the intention of healing individually and as a couple. One of my biggest goals was to reconnect with my inner sensuality and my feminine energy. I wanted to understand what were the fears that were keeping me away from my true self, along with discovering what were my fantasies, sexual needs and desires. I wanted to heal any past trauma that was preventing me from being playful and confident and I wanted to rekindle my passion and sexual encounters with my partner.


I worked with Devi for three months and within this period I explored my vulnerabilities and insecurities, some of them caused by being raised as a catholic and not embracing my body, sensuality and sexuality to the fullest. My sessions with her helped me embrace my body and understand my needs and desires. Devi shared lots of tools which ignited my creativity and opened up new ways to connect with myself and with my partner. I felt very safe when working with her as she always provided the right setting and space for me to explore, to be playful and also vulnerable. This is the first time that I've worked with a somatic sex therapist and it's being life changing; each session felt like a treat to myself.


I feel more open, sensual and empowered and it's wonderful to see how this journey keeps unfolding for me and for my partner.


Devi is very professional and supportive. She walked me through this healing process with patience and  in a gentle and nourishing way. I totally recommend Devi as a sexual coach, she's amazing and will find ways to support your journey'' 



Tantra Deep Dive

"My first impression was wonderful, Devi was radiant, inviting and calming, this made me feel at ease and relaxed.  Devi's studio is located in a heritage building in the heart of downtown Victoria BC,  it's a loft type studio providing a very bright, cozy and open atmosphere.

I chose to invest in 5 - 90 minute  sessions over a period of 3 months.  We started with breathwork coaching techniques as the basis for Tantra.  We then moved onto bodywork which involved the creation and movement of sexual energy through the body.  This experience was divine. 

As I progressed through the sessions I found that the time became truly liberating and meaningful for me, I felt comfortable expressing my private feelings and emotions with Devi as she maintained a professional and trusting environment for my total benefit. 


My new experiences with tantra, breathing techniques and bodywork has enabled me to incorporate new knowledge of myself into my daily life style.  This has brought focus, direction and completion in my life.  There is so much to explore in this area of self development."


Rick N.

Tantra Deep Dive

"I would highly recommend Devi for anyone.  Having never tried BDSM massage before but curious about the whole scene I was nervous but excited to try..... 

It was one of the most pleasurable and illuminating bodywork sessions I've had.  If you want to have an amazing experience I highly recommend seeing Devi Ananda."

- M

Bondage Massage

"I really appreciated the sensual and safe space that Devi creates to explore connection and sexuality.  Devi’s energy and clear communication made for a fantastic experience.

This work is perfect for people looking to connect and celebrate themselves and/or their partners

....The experience was so positive. I really appreciated your communication skills, knowledge and passion.  Thank you so much"

Leila and Daniel

4-hr couples session

"I found our first session thrilling, fun, and rewarding. I left feeling relaxed and reconnected with myself and my desires.


Thank you for guiding me through the experience, making me feel very comfortable in your space, and being a compassionate teacher."


2-hour Intro Session 

"Thank you so very much. You have no idea how your teachings have helped connect my husband and myself.  I never knew I could make my husband feel as good as you did.  I underestimated the capacity of my body.   I truly appreciate your energy and time."


3.5-hr Couple's Session

​"Devi, I wanted to thank you for a really profound experience... you managed to maintain an admirable balance of professionalism with compassion, warmth and gentle wisdom. It was a privilege to have you accept me as a client. Your patience and tolerance was/is appreciated, I look forward to however the next part of my journey unfolds.


I truly believe you have helped me to start becoming a better person. Thank you wholeheartedly."

Joseph L. 

Tantra Deep Dive 

​"Devi, thank you for that special afternoon! I felt a connection to the sacred feminine through breathing with you, and through your gentle but fearless eye contact!"


2-hr Session 

"There are no words available to me tp express the gratitude I have for you...

It was so liberating, a feeling of freedom from my thoughts.  Thanks for being who you are."


Tantra Deep Dive 

"I feel my sacral chakra glowing! Love it!! Thank you.  And this is only the beginning.

I was asking the universe for someone like you! Truly.  To help me unlock my potential.  Looking forward to it! Loving it! Gratitude for your skills and the work you do."


Multiple 2-hr sessions 

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