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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prepare for a session?


Give yourself plenty of time before and after our session so that you can sink into the experience without feeling rushed.  It's helpful if you shower before our time together.  If you don’t have the opportunity please let me know and I’ll run a shower for you when you arrive.  Please avoid wearing any cologne’s or heavy scents so that I can feel at ease working closely with you.  


Please arrive on time, not early.  To be respectful of my neighbours please refrain from knocking and wait until we're inside my my studio to exchange greetings.  Should you be running late please text me and let me know. 


It is highly suggested that you drink plenty of water before and after a session.  Please do not arrive under the influence of any substances.  

Lastly,  come with an open heart and mind.  Begin to connect to your breath, this is where the journey begins.  Tantra is about dissolving our habitual ways of being and connecting to the pleasure of the moment.  Considering your desires and intentions before the session will help you get the most out of this time.   

What do you base the cost of your sessions on?

What I share in my session is the product of years of training - In bodywork, Tantra, sexuality and transformational coaching.  I've spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to bring a wide array of tools to the table.  Like any professional I've invested in my education.  

I'm low volume with the number of clients that I take on, you can be assured that our time together will be relaxed and that I will be adequately rested to bring my full magic and presence.  I have a designated studio space in the heart of Victoria that is 100% devoted to our work together.  

What can I expect?

Each session is totally unique, together we'll craft something just for you.   I love bringing sensual elements into session space - soft touch, visual and tactile delights, soft music and warm oil, teasing sensations and body to body contact.  Be prepared to dive into deeper sensation, explore new heights of experience and learn mastery in the arts of eros.   

My studio is a bright, bohemian loft space in the heart of downtown Victoria.  Due to the heritage nature of the building it is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible (I'm happy to speak with individuals with alternative needs).   I'll greet you with something refreshing before we begin.  The studio has everything we might possibly need for our time together - a shower, massage table, fresh linens, heating pads and cozy places to lounge and relax.   

I feel nervous about booking.  Is this normal?

Yes, don't worry.  Lots of people feel nervous the first time they come to meet me.  This dissipates quite quickly once we're face to face.  I'm told that I have a very calming presence, people tend to feel at ease with me quite quickly.  In addition I have breathing and attunement techniques designed specially to help you relax so that you can enjoy our experience together.  You're always welcome to book a free exploration call before our first meeting.  

Can I trust in your discretion/confidentiality? 

Absolutely. I hold myself to a professional standard of ethics and value your trust.  Anything you share with me in our time together ~ including emails, texts and intake forms is kept 100% confidential.    

What’s your cancelation policy?


Once we set up a booking I require 48 hours of notice before a cancellation.  Please keep in mind that bookings are often in high demand and that once I hold your place I am turning down other people who could benefit from a session. 


In the event that you need to reschedule on short notice and I am unable to fill your booking my cancellation fee is $100. 


Last minute cancellations or no-shows will be billed 50% of the session fee. 


Please honour my time and I promise to do the same.   Note that some bookings may require a deposit to secure your spot.  

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