Sessions For Couples

Explore erotic massage lessons for lovers, unlock a new language of pleasure, or relish in witnessing your beloved be lovingly pampered from head to toe


Couples come to me to learn how they can explore new realms of touch, communicate more clearly, or add fire to their erotic lives by trying something new.    


Couples Sessions

     2 hr session ~ $420

     3 hr session - $600

     4 hr session ~ $800

  • Erotic massage lessons for lovers (creating a container, communicating requests and learning how to touch for maximum pleasure)

  • Creating Tantric rituals, exploring the path of sacred sexuality

  • Witnessing a lover in a Tantric bodywork session

  • Learning about the connection between heart and genitals

  • Reconnecting after childbirth or menopause 

  • Learning to give or receive pleasurable anal touch 

  • Tools for supporting one another after traumatic experiences

  • Deepening communication

  • Cultivating more polarity and passion in your partnership 

Together can we can explore...