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The Mind Blowing Benefits of a Couple’s Tantra Massage

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

couple embracing

In the years that I’ve worked with sacred sexuality some of my favourite sessions have been with couples.

I’ve supported women in reigniting arousal for their partners, created containers for lovers to explore BDSM play, hosted delicious four handed erotic touch rituals, instructed advanced touch techniques and held space for partners to rewrite erotic scripts.

How does it work? Each session is unique. We’ll drop in to explore some of your specific intentions and take it from there. It’s important that I have an opportunity to speak to both partners to ensure they can speak to their needs and boundaries. Cultivating safety and trust in this space is hugely important.

During the session we will begin connecting with some breathwork and sensuality exercises. I will show you and your partner how to melt into deeper intimacy with some of my favourite practices. Once you both feel relaxed, open, and vibrating with electric energy you'll decide who’d like to receive bodywork first. During a session one partner will receive, while the other can either:

A) Offer touch alongside me (and learn from what I’m doing!)

B) Witness, relax and drink in the sight.

For Her:

When she’s on the table we will focus on building sensual energy through her whole body. In women arousal can typically be slower to build and so starting on the edges with lots of relaxation touches and slow building can feel amazing. How far we go is completely up to her, some things that we can explore are:

  • Helping her map her erogenous zones and how she likes to be touched

  • Creating space to feel more open to pleasure

  • The sensuality/joy of being touched by another woman

  • Resensitizing areas that have become numb or disconnected

  • How to find the G spot

  • Empowering her to be more fully in her expression and orgasmic energy

  • The 5+ different types of female orgasm

For Him:

When he’s on the table we’ll focus on helping him expand and prolong his erotic energy. Men typically feel arousal more quickly and erotic bodywork can be an incredible way to begin exploring extended arousal and erotic energy circulation. I’ll guide him on how he can use breath to feel more sensation and have more orgasmic control, building sensual energy until his whole body vibrates with sensation. Some things we can explore are:

  • Building orgasmic energy through “edging”

  • Helping him connect more deeply to his body and erotic expression

  • Exploring prostate touch

  • Circulating erotic energy through the body

  • Techniques for greater control and full body orgasm.

  • Taoist techniques for non ejaculatory climax

After the magic we’ll close the session with some grounding and check in. If both partners would like to receive in a session a container of 2-3 hours is recommend.

See more info about sessions for couples and pricing options here

Feeling curious? Request a session or book an intro call with me here

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