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What is Tantra?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Tantra is an Eastern tradition that celebrates embodiment and connection as a path to the divine. Sexuality is the focus of most Tantra practiced here in the West, though it's roots go far beyond that. Originally seeded in India between 300 and 400 BC, the root of the word Tantra means "loom" or "weave".

Embodiment practices from Tantra can offer us ways to come into deeper connection with our bodies, create the building blocks for intimacy, reinvigorate our life force energy and increase one's sense of wellbeing.

From Disconnect to Intimacy

Many of us struggle to connect in our intimate relationships and have never been given the tools to create the quality of connection we truly desire. Practices drawn from Tantra - like synchronized breathing, exploring polarity (erotic charge), eye gazing and touch rituals - can help build trust. By approaching intimacy from a deeply relaxed place (rather than survival mode) we open ourselves up to deep intimacy, pleasure and new learning.

Coming Back to the Body

From my experience as both a Somatic Therapist and Tantra teacher I have learned that the body holds onto whatever we cannot process cognitively. By exploring things like slow touch, breathwork and erotic energy circulation in a safe container the mind/body connection can begin to reawaken. As a result parts of the emotional self can begin to reactivate - blocks can be moved, and a fuller sense of life force energy can be restored.

Celebrating Pleasure

By deepening a connection to your body you also expand your capacity for pleasure! Pleasure is a deeply healing tool, one that I celebrate in my practice. Most people have experienced some form of trauma, rewiring the brain to experience pleasure and release negativity biases is an important practice for people of all backgrounds.

Connecting it to Bodywork

Many things I've spoken about can be explored in a bodywork container. We begin with attunement exercises such as synchronized breath to create a sense of deep connection and safety. Receiving touch without agenda allows one to tune deeply into the sensations in the body. Here pleasure can be explored, breathwork brought in and erotic energy circulated - creating a sense of expansion in the body where old blocks can be moved, softness can replace tension and vitality can flourish.

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With heart,

Devi Ananda

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