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Prostate Massage ~ Discovering Health and Pleasure

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Prostate massage is a pleasure that many have never explored. Whether this is because of homophobia, shame, or simply lack of access to curious or willing partners - there is an air of mystery around the topic for many. I love supporting men in discovering the ecstatic sensations that can be accessed through slow, present touch to this part of the body.

The prostate is a small gland the shape of a walnut located a few inches inside of the rectum. It’s about as far back as the length of your finger, towards the abdomen. It may seem hard to find as first, but it gets larger as the receiver becomes more aroused. It even secretes it’s own fluid that's released with semen during ejaculation.

By stimulating the prostate we can cause this gland to flush, bringing fresh blood and fluid into the area. (This is where you may be familiar with the term "milking the prostate".) This increased blood flow and the accompanying relaxation of the muscles can have fantastic benefits - Increased genital sensation and stronger erections, as well as reduced inflammation and better prostate health.

Many men unconsciously carry anal shame and anal tension. By working with a trusted practitioner you can learn to relax this part of the body and enjoy new heights of pleasure. Someone who is educated in prostate massage will move slowly, allowing your body to integrate the new sensations. Remember that you can request a pause at any time. Feeling relaxed is important, this allows the two sphincters of the rectum to open, almost like it's "inviting" you in. If you notice that things still feel tight then slow down even more and observe how you're breathing. Remember that every body is different. Some will be incredibly receptive right away and others may need to experience a number of sessions to release chronic tension. This type of touch has the potential to be incredibly pleasurable and can evoke deep, body shaking climaxes that are reported to be deeper and more intense than then those from a penile orgasm alone.

I suggest using disposable gloves, this can help both parties feel at ease and the clean up is easy. They come in a variety of different materials, such as nitrile, latex and vinyl. After some experimentation I've found that I like the texture of vinyl best. Use lots of organic coconut oil or a high quality anal lubricant.

If you’re curious about what kind of sensations you might experience you can always try self anal massage in the shower. I suggest using a little bit of coconut oil and to begin experimenting with whatever feels pleasurable. Regularly applying self massage or working with a practitioner can assist in relieving stress and tension held in this part of the body, leading to a more relaxed pelvis, increased sexual health, better digestion and a freer flow or erotic energy.

Happy massaging!

Devi Ananda ♥

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