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Tantra for


Claim your pleasure... It's there waiting for you to name it.  Unlock the potential in your body and explore a space to receive fully.   


A sexually empowered woman is an unstoppable force.  There is a magnetic, radiant energy that comes from cultivating empowered boundaries and a liberated sense of expression

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Women work with me to explore...

  • A safe, supportive space to openly express yourself

  • Understanding the the 7+ types of female orgasm

  • Yoni massage for healing and pleasure

  • Cultivating deeper body awareness and  sensation

  • De-armouring the body after traumatic experiences 

  • A container to fully receive

  • Healthy boundaries, giving consent and making requests

  • Support for pain around penetration

  • Tantric and Taoist practices

  • Scar remediation after surgery or childbirth

  • Exploring the feminine in an joyful and empowering way

Intro Sessions 


Discover an initiation into Tantra massage with an intro session.  In this session we will explore the foundations of sensual touch, breathwork, making empowered requests and and erotic energy circulation.  This session can include yoni massage - everything moves at your pace.  Experience how you can expand your pleasure and receive touch fully for you.    

  90 min session ~ $300

 2 hr session ~ $380


Deep Dive



Expand your capacity for pleasure, cultivate greater body awareness, feel sexier, unlock your voice, explore Tantra and Taoist techniques. With this deep dive I will help you give you the tools to become an empowered, fully orgasmic woman! 

Over the course of our time together you will learn how to:

  • Get empowered asking for what you want

  • Become more orgasmic and learn the anatomy of female arousal

  • Feel more alive and sensual in your body

  • Reclaim your pleasure and experience more sensation 

  • Create a sacred touch container, guide yourself and partner(s) into a path Tantric or Taoist sexuality



What are the advantages of the Deep Dive Package?

  • Experience lasting changes in your erotic confidence 

  • Deepen your connection to your body and pleasure 

  • Receive 1 on 1 mentorship from an experienced Tantrika and certified coach

  • Deepen your personal practice and increase your life force energy

What will I receive?

  • 6 Next level Tantra massage and coaching sessions

  • An initiation into the secrets of Tantric & Taoist practices

  • Resources for future learning and home play assignments 

  • Experienced mentorship and guidance for your erotic life 

  • Exclusive PDF with educational tools

Package Price: $2300 CAD


Payment Plans are available.  Schedule a free 20 minute exploration call with me to ask questions and find out if you're ready to take your erotic mastery to next level. 

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