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Tantra for Men

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Imagine a new way of experiencing your erotic energy.  One that feels liberating, lights up your entire body and allows you to connect on on deeper level... 

Tantra can take you deeply into your senses, reconnect a lost language for communicating your desires, move emotional blocks, help you master your eroticism and experience levels of pleasure you never imagined possible. 


My male clients report increased confidence, a heightened sense of wellbeing and a deeper level of presence and connection in their erotic lives.    


Men work with me to explore...

  • Tantric and Taoist practices

  • Edging (extended orgasmic building)

  • Gaining more control over ejaculation

  • Using breath to expand erotic energy 

  • Examining obstacles to erotic enjoyment 

  • Increasing sexual confidence

  • Empowered boundaries and communication

  • Prostate (male g-spot) massage

  • Becoming a better lover

  • Exploring the connection of sex and spirit

  • Heightened states of pleasure and erotic fulfillment​​​

Single Sessions 


Deep Dive



With this Deep Dive I will help you give you the tools to enter the next level.  


Expand your erotic energy, cultivate greater body awareness, build orgasmic control, explore Tantra and Taoist techniques and become a masterful lover.

Over the course of our time together you will learn how to:

  • Master your ejaculation to last for hours 

  • Circulate your erotic energy for maximum pleasure and multiple orgasms

  • Make a woman melt with your presence

  • Effectively communicate your desires 

  • Pleasure a woman and understand the 7 different types of female orgasm

  • Negotiate hidden fantasies to explore healthy power play and surrender

  • Empower yourself to magnetize the lover of your dreams

  • Rekindle the spark of an existing partnership 



What are the advantages of the Deep Dive Package?

  • Experience lasting changes in your erotic confidence 

  • Deepen your connection to your body and pleasure 

  • Receive 1-on-1 mentorship from an experienced Tantrika, sex educator and certified coach

  • Deepen your personal practice and increase your life force energy

  • Build the confidence to live the life of a KING 

  • 6 Next level Tantra and coaching sessions

  • An initiation into the secrets of Tantric & Taoist practices

  • Resources and exclusive PDF workbooks for future learning

  • Tailored home play assignments 

  • Support around building dating profiles, setting the stage for your dream partner, seduction and confidence building 

  • Sensual rituals to inspire your senses 

  • Experienced mentorship and guidance for your erotic life 

What will I receive?

Package Price: $2500 CAD

Payment Plans are available.  Schedule a free 20 minute exploration call with me to ask questions and find out if you're ready to take your erotic mastery to next level. 

Intro Sessions 


Discover an initiation into Tantra massage with an intro session.  In this session we will explore the foundations of sensual touch, tease, breathwork, and erotic energy circulation.  Experience how you can expand and prolong your pleasure to new thresholds

Inquire for more extended session and retreat options. 


90 min session ~ $300

 2 hr session ~ $380

3 hr session - $560

Vip mentorship


For my clients who are looking for a more advanced container


This is a space where you get to recieve powerful 1-on-1 mentorship and coaching to support your evolution into the next chapter.  


What I love about working together over multiple months is that it gives us an opportunity to build slowly - creating a PROFOUND shift in both the nervous system and any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.   


What's included?  

  • 3 months of powerful coaching sessions

  • All of the resources included in the Deep Dive

  • Private WhatsApp chat to ask questions and bring celebrations in between sessions 

  • Somatic support to rewire your nervous system towards joy and pleasure 

  • A customized roadmap to move you towards your highest goals and possibilities for sex, relationship, career and creative expression. 

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Package Price: $5000 CAD

Payment Plans are available.  Schedule a free 20 minute exploration call with me to ask questions and find out if you're ready to take your erotic mastery to next level. 

Level Up your Pleasure

Become A MasterFul Lover

Explore Your Erotic Freedom 
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