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Women Come To Me To Explore...

  • Creating a space to openly express yourself

  • Exploring the anatomy of female arousal

  • Cultivating deeper body awareness and  sensation

  • De-armouring the body after traumatic experiences

  • Understanding the healing power of of the cervix

  • Sacred yoni massage 

  • Practicing healthy boundaries, giving consent and making requests

  • Learning how to give or receive anal touch

  • Tantric and Taoist practices

  • Scar remediation after surgery or childbirth

  • Exploring how to embody the feminine in an joyful and empowering way

Bodywork Sessions For Women

An invitation to celebrate your joy and pleasure.  Empower yourself to explore your innermost radiance       


Celebrate the pleasure and sensuality of your body by receiving a Tantra massage.  Being touched by a practitioner with no agenda can be an incredibly expansive and healing experience.  Patterns of armouring can block us from experiencing the fullness of pleasure - Causing, numbness, pain or a lack of arousal.  Using a combination of embodiment exercises, breath work, body education, and mindful touch practices we can bring you deeply into your body to explore your radiant aliveness.  A sexually empowered woman is a truly unstoppable force.  


These sessions move 100% at your pace. Touch can be sensual or erotic, depending on your comfort level and preference.  


Single Sessions

     1.5 hr session ~ $180

     2 hr session  ~ $240

     3 hr session ~ $300


Choose this option if you're ready to embrace an epic erotic tranformation!  Working together over a series of sessions gives us the opportunity to dive into consent practices, dearmouring, embodiment techniques, touch practices, sex education and Tantra.    I'll be there to guide you every step of the way.  Each package includes a free 30 minute session for intention setting.   

      1.5 hours

      5 sessions - $850


     2 hours

     5 sessions - $1100

     3 hours 

     5 sessions - $1400

*All packages are valid for 6 months after date of purchase

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