Sensual Discovery,
Sexual Mastery
& Liberated Pleasure

A New Way of Experiencing Your Eros


You've been seeking a long time for something.. A feeling of aliveness, a deeper connection to your body, a new way of being.  Your old methods of connecting are no longer serving. 

You're yearning to level up your relationship to the erotic and liberate your expression.  

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Tantra Deep Dive

A 6 session mentorship for men to deepen your connections and expand your pleasure.  

  • Learn to how to last for hours

  • Receive mentorship on Taoist and Tantric techniques

  • Uncover the secrets of female orgasm

  • Learn to touch in ways that make your partner melt

  • Receive exclusive support and resources

  • Empower yourself to magnetize the lover of your dreams

  • Level up your confidence and rekindle your "spark" 

  • Experience your potential for ecstatic pleasure 


A mystic, a space holder and a lover of all things touch. For the last 10 years I have helped many people of all different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds explore erotic and personal transformation.  I am deeply passionate about sexual empowerment and joyful, pleasure-positive living.  I wear the titles of somatic sex educator, Tantrika and transformational coach.

I've always been sensual, curious and deeply intuitive.  People often describe we as warm and magnetic.  I weave playfulness into the way that I work with people, alongside deep presence.   


In 2017 I travelled to Hawaii study Tantra and had the pleasure of learning under world renowned ....


What is Tantra?

Tantra can offer us tools to come into deeper connection with our bodies, create the building blocks for intimacy, reinvigorate our life force energy and increase one's sense of wellbeing.


"It was one of the most pleasurable and illuminating bodywork sessions I've ever had.  


If you want to explore or have an amazing experience I highly recommend seeing Devi Ananda."


"Each session felt like a treat to myself. I feel more open, sensual and empowered and it's wonderful to see how this journey keeps unfolding for me and for my partner"


"My first impression was wonderful, Devi was radiant, inviting and calming, this made me feel at ease and relaxed...


..I found that the time spent became truly liberating and meaningful for me..."

The Mind Blowing Benefits of a Couples Tantra Massage

Want to spice things up in your lovership?  I can’t say enough good things about the enriching benefits of a couple’s Tantra session....

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